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Envision by CIVCO Medical Solutions is a viral barrier which enables 100% gel-free ultrasound procedures. The Envision ultrasound products are activated with a sterile liquid and require no gel, which:

  • reduces the risk of contamination
  • can improve the quality of FNA specimens
  • simplifies workflow
Envision benefits clinicians and patients during radiology interventions and vascular access procedures utilizing ultrasound, including thyroid FNAs, CVCs, and PICCs.

Evidence of device safety based on biocompatibility, sterilization and other non-clinical testing.

Based on multiple clinical studies, ultrasound gel has been shown to harbor and spread infection. Gel can:

  • contribute to increasing nosocomial infection, the spread of hospital acquired infections1,2,3,4
  • cause bacteria to be introduced into the blood stream3,6
  • make the disinfection or sterilization process of devices, including ultrasound probes, less effective5
Envision enables gel-free ultrasound procedures, reducing the risk of contamination during needle-guided interventions or while scanning non-intact skin.

Envision covers can help improve the visibility of cells in FNAs by eliminating the need for gel from these procedures. Several studies show the adverse effects gel can have on fine needle aspirations:

  • Impairs the visibility of cells and interferes with staining of cells7
  • Causes a significant increase in the number of slides with artefacts7
  • Causes widespread cell lysis, increasing the risk of misinterpretation and a false positive diagnosis8
  • Mimics colloid, creating difficulty in differentiation between artefact and colloid7,9

The Envision cover is easy to set up with the quick-peel liner that safely adheres to the probe face, and clean-up is simple with no gel to wipe off the probe or patient. Pre-cleaning of the probe is greatly simplified with the use of Envision.

How-To Videos

View the Envision cover and scanning pad instructional videos to see how the product works.
Envision Cover How-To Envision Scan Pad How-To

Contact us and see how Envision covers can help your facility reduce contamination risk, improve FNA specimens quality, and simplify clinician workflow.